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Nelune Lilac Ball 2016

Posted on 10 September 2016 by No Pool

This evening, September 10th, attendees of the 2016 Nelune Lilac Ball at Sydney’s Four Seasons Hotel were urged to open their hearts and pockets to raise major dollars for The Nelune Foundation.

As for the past few years, No Pool Productions has been involved in creating media content for Nelune, and happily donated our services in producing the Feature Documentary for the event.

The 2016 feature video debuted to over 500 guests at the Lilac Ball, and assisted in raising more than $1.9 million for The Nelune Foundation, the ongoing practical services they provide, as well as the continuing developments in the Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre at Randwick’s Prince of Wales Hospital.

As mentioned in our recent July blog post, the 2016 Feature Documentary piece focuses on a single family and their ongoing cancer journey over the past two years, and their relationship with The Nelune Foundation.


During the interviews conducted for the 2015 Nelune Foundation Feature Documentary, we spoke to Alan Calder, whose daughter, Tessa, was undergoing treatment at Randwick’s Prince of Wales Hospital.  The Calder family of Cairns benefitted from practical support provided by The Nelune Foundation during Tessa’s treatment.

Relying on friends and home stays for accommodation in Sydney during Tessa’s treatment, the family depended on Nelune’s transport services to get to and from the hospital.

Their family’s story was a clear example of the benefits of the practical support that The Nelune Foundation provides, which was something we wanted to highlight in this year’s piece.  Earlier this year, Nelune Rajapakse and No Pool’s Ben Hasic approached the family to see if they would be comfortable with sharing their story for this year’s video, and they volunteered some time.


For the production of this piece, No Pool’s Ben Hasic travelled to Cairns to interview Tessa and her mother, Ros, in their family home.  As Cairns is a big part of Tessa’s childhood and life, and is where she is currently in treatment for her recent relapse, we felt it important to capture content of the town to include through the piece.

The piece was shot on the Epic-X Red Dragon by Ben Hasic, with the Zeiss LWZ.2 15.5-45mm T2.6 Zoom lens, which the hire of was generously donated for the shoot by Lemac Films Australia.  During production, Ben was assisted by Ivory Media’s Steven Makari, who also volunteered some of his time to help produce the piece for the foundation.

In post-production, audio engineer, Chris McCallum, volunteered his time to give the piece a final audio master before the event debut, which we greatly appreciate, as it definitely has made a difference in the final product.


Additionally, a short video message from Channel 7′s Jim Wilson was captured in Martin Place this past week due to unfortunate family news.  Jim’s sister and long-time host of the Lilac Ball, Rebecca Wilson, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer, and is currently undergoing treatment.

Because of this, she had passed the hosting duties for the Lilac Ball to long-time supporter of the foundation, Giann Rooney.  As Rebecca wasn’t well enough to share her own message, her brother, Jim, took some time with us last Wednesday to speak about Rebecca’s diagnosis, as well as their family’s long history with cancer and The Nelune Foundation.

We wish the Wilson family all the best in this trying time.  You can view the message from Jim Wilson by clicking the image above.


Due to a tight event schedule, a shortened version of the feature documentary was produced for the 2016 Lilac Ball, but an extended version will be released online soon.

You can view the event video by clicking the image above.

To find out more about The Nelune Foundation, and to donate, click here.


Ben & The No Pool Team

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