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Travelling to Cairns for Nelune 2016

Posted on 27 July 2016 by No Pool

During this July, we got an early start on interviews for the 2016 Nelune Foundation Lilac Ball feature documentary.  This year, the piece focuses on a single family and their cancer journey over the past two years, as well as their relationship with The Nelune Foundation.

The Calder family of Cairns benefitted from practical support provided by The Nelune Foundation while their daughter, Tessa, was being treated at Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick during 2015.

Relying on friends and home stays for accommodation in Sydney during Tessa’s treatment, the family depended on Nelune’s transport services to get to the hospital.  Tessa’s story was briefly featured through an interview with her father, Alan Calder, in the 2015 Nelune Foundation Lilac Ball feature documentary.

Their family’s story was a clear example of the benefits of the practical support that The Nelune Foundation provides, which was something we wanted to highlight in this year’s piece.


For the production of this piece, the No Pool Team travelled to Cairns to interview Tessa and her mother, Ros, in their family home.  As Cairns is a big part of Tessa’s childhood and life, and is where she is currently in treatment for her recent relapse, we felt it important to capture content of the town to include through the piece.

The piece is being shot on the Epic-X Red Dragon by Ben Hasic, with the Zeiss LWZ.2 15.5-45mm T2.6 Zoom lens, which the hire of was generously donated for the shoot by Lemac Films Australia.

The full documentary will play at the 2016 Nelune Foundation Lilac Ball in September.  To find out more about The Nelune Foundation, and to donate, click here.


We’ve put together a quick collection of overlay content shot during our trip to Cairns, you can view the video by clicking the image above.


Ben & The No Pool Team

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