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Luxbet QuickStat Continues

Posted on 6 July 2016 by No Pool

With the initial 15 week run of our weekly ‘Luxbet QuickStat’ series for Atomic 212° and TAB coming to an end in mid-June, it was time to evaluate the project and go over the metrics.  The project has had a very positive response for Luxbet on their social channels, particularly Facebook, and has had consistent traffic and value for the company.

Since the project’s pilot in February, it has evolved significantly and now spans several sports including, NRL, AFL, Racing, Premiere League, Euros, and more.  With four to six videos produced weekly, now spanning several sports, shooting at locations relevant to each sport became impractical, so the decision was made to shoot on green screen at TAB headquarters at World Tower in Sydney CBD.


With the same fast post-production turnaround times still necessary for weekly release, the additional compositing added some extra work but quickly became part of our workflow.  Shooting in the same controlled location weekly enables us to capture with consistent settings, for an easy key and colour grade.

The series’ talent, Sarah Pope, has been very well received and is a pleasure to work with weekly.  After discussion and evaluation with Atomic and the team at Luxbet, the series has been approved for further weekly production for ‘Luxbet QuickStat’ with hopes of continuing, as well as additional video projects for Luxbet.


Each shoot is a weekly highlight, and we look forward to continuing success with the Luxbet team.  18 weeks in, we’ve clocked more than 80 videos for the series on Luxbet’s Facebook page, check them out here.

You can also see each weekly video on the QuickStat page on Luxbet’s website.


Ben & The No Pool Team

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