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Disrupting Cancer takes a Bold Approach

Posted on 25 November 2015 by No Pool

After the success of both our 2014 and 2015 feature documentaries for The Nelune Foundation Lilac Ball Fundraiser, partner organisation, The Bright Alliance, approached us to produce a series of case studies and videos for their fundraising event.


The construction of a new health and research centre in Randwick, to be known as The Bright Alliance, will bring together cancer and blood disorder researchers, clinicians and patients in a unique and innovative environment.

The Bright Alliance aspires to accelerate the delivery of world class research to patients in a major public hospital.  Patients will have greater, faster, more equitable access to treatments and new drug trials.  Creating the conduit between Australian and global researchers, and enhanced by greater technological capability, The Bright Alliance promises better clinical care in a publicly accessible hospital setting.


Different to the approach we take with projects for The Nelune Foundation, this would focus more on the science and research side of cancer.  We worked with researchers and clinicians from Lowy Cancer Research Centre and Prince of Wales Hospital to produce case study pieces on four key fields:

  • Bioinformatics and Cancer
  • Training the Next Generation of Cancer Clinicians and Researchers
  • Development of New Cancer Drugs
  • Youth Cancer Service

During production, we also produced an overall fundraising piece for the organisation, working closely with Paul O’Sullivan of The Bright Alliance’s Advisory Committee.

Chair of The Bright Alliance, Lucy Hughes Turnbull AO, was interviewed by No Pool’s Ben Hasic at her office in Sydney to act as the piece’s lead and convey the background of the organisation and their mission.


Production on all five videos produced spanned several weeks, with interviews conducted at Prince of Wales Hospital and Lowy Cancer Research Centre at UNSW.

All interviews were shot with a dual camera setup of a Blackmagic URSA and an Epic-X Red Dragon, both fitted with modified Zeiss Contax prime lenses.

In post production of the fundraising piece, interviews from the 2014 Nelune Foundation Lilac Ball video were used at the request of both Nelune and the Advisory Committee.  The fundraising piece will be played as the Opening for The Bright Alliance’s Cocktail Fundraiser held on December 7th.

To find out more about The Bright Alliance, and to donate, click here.


You can view the fundraising video by clicking the image above.


Ben & The No Pool Team

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