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Breaking Down ‘Assist for Voice’

Posted on 10 March 2015 by No Pool

In a recent training video for Optus Call Centres, to highlight the features and integration of a new tool, ‘Assist for Voice’, we produced a video role play of a customer call.  To minimise impact on the active call centres, we produced this piece entirely in-studio, shooting both the Customer and Call Centre Representative’s content on green, capturing the content in 4K with the Sony FS-700.

To bring this piece to life, we created their environments in post production, with our lead VFX & Motion Graphics Artist for the project, Bill McGuire.


For the Customer, a home setting was created mostly using Cinema4D and After Effects.  Bill modelled various furniture pieces and props for the scene to help give some character.

For the Call Centre Representative, Bill composited the scene out of reference photos of the Optus Call Centre in Sydney completely in After Effects.

The entire piece was pulled together within a week, and was well received by its audience, being used in comms circulation as a learning tool for the Call Centre teams.

We’ve put together a quick video breakdown to show the work that went into creating each environment for the Optus ‘Assist for Voice’ video.


You can view the video by clicking the image above.


Ben & The No Pool Team

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