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Seasons Greetings from Starflight

Posted on 25 December 2014 by No Pool

In the spirit of the holiday season, we travelled to the winter resort town of Jindabyne in NSW, Australia, to shoot the feel good video for ‘Seasons Greetings’ – Starflight’s new yuletide single. It was two days of fun & frolic for the cast & crew, which is reflected in the music video.

For the shoot, we road tripped our way to Jindabyne with some friends of Starflight for a weekend of fun in the snow.  The music video, which follows Starflight and friends in an evening of partying in a cabin in the mountains, and a day of winter fun in the snow, was shot both in the heart of Jindabyne, and the snowy setting of Kosciuszko National Park.

Driving through the day from Sydney to Jindabyne, we arrived in the early evening to set up for the first part of our shoot, the party.  We decorated our space and got ready for some fun times with the gang.

We captured the clip at 50fps on the Sony FS-700, equipped with 4K recording module, and cine-modified Zeiss Contax lenses.  For the evening shoot, several setups were captured, including, lead singer, Jib Khan’s solo performance piece to camera, as well as a group performance, and a series of cutaway setups used throughout the video.

The video stars Jib Khan and a small group of his close adventurous friends: Peter Andreou, Danielle Halvorsen, Basem Salama, Efrosini Savidis, & Talia Gazarian, all pictured below.


Our second day of shooting was spent on the snowy hills of Kosciuszko National Park.  It certainly was a fun setting for the shoot, with beautiful white snow covering the hills, and all the bushland around (so much so that we fell through the snow more times that we’d like to admit).  The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service were incredibly helpful in recommending some great spots to film for maximum snow cover, which really made a difference for the shoot.

Behind the scenes, the cast and crew spent some time constructing one of the key cast members of the video, Freddie The Snowman, who can be seen throughout the clip.  We won’t lie, there were many a snowball thrown, several snow angels, and a fair few tumbles down the snowy slopes throughout the day.


Moving into post production, we worked on a very vibrant and 70’s influenced colour treatment.  To pull the whole thing together, we had the assistance of No Pool friend, Bill McGuire, to build the intro and outro motion graphics pieces, which feature a cabin on a snowy mountain.  After modelling the mountain and cabin assets in Cinema4D, Bill then brought the whole scene to life using After Effects and Element 3D.


Overall, we had a great time working with Starflight on this festive clip.  It was a great way to get into the holiday spirit, and enjoy a light-hearted shoot with some great people.  We hope to catch up again soon for the next one.

Enjoy the clip, and Seasons Greetings!


You can view ‘Seasons Greetings’ by clicking the image above.


Ben & The No Pool Team

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