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Sustainability at SingTel

Posted on 25 August 2014 by No Pool

Once again, we had the pleasure of putting together a video for SingTel’s Annual General Meeting.  This year, the brief was to highlight the amazing work across the company, particularly in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.  As usual with our videos for the SingTel AGM, they’re mostly motion graphics and voice over driven, but with filmed content throughout to help support the message.

Working closely with SingTel’s CSR team, over a couple months, we helped identify key achievements in SingTel’s Corporate Sustainability, and laid the groundwork for the piece in scripting, later to be recorded by Eugene Loh.


We captured content across various camera platforms for the piece, including the Sony FS-700, with 4K recorder and a gorgeous set of Zeiss MK3 Superspeeds, as well as the Red Epic.

Throughout, we’ve incorporated provided content from SingTel, including GoPro footage of the Typhoon Haiyan aid relief, headed up by SingTel’s staff.

The clients were very happy with the end result, with high praise from the Group CEO, and the video has been seen across the world by thousands of people during SingTel’s conferences and meetings.

You can find out more about Sustainability at SingTel here.



Ben & The No Pool Team

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